Taking Photos of Your Own Family | For Photographers

One of the perks of being a professional photographer is that you always have photos of your kids that aren’t just taken with your iPhone. While there’s nothing wrong with phone pictures, having quality photos that you can take for free is always a bonus. But sometimes taking pictures of your own family can be a bit tricky. Here’s some tips for a professional photographer photographing your own family:

Always have a camera nearby

It may feel like just one more thing to remember when you leave the house, but if you’re a professional photographer, your camera is basically like a third arm. Take it with you to the park, the movie theater, family trips to the zoo. Some of our favorite family photos are the ones we’ve taken in the most unlikely of places. Capture your child’s first time to the movies. Snap a few photos when they feed the giraffes at the zoo. Watch your child grow before your eyes as they master the monkey bars. You don’t need all of your gear, just the basics. During our family vacations I take my camera and my lightweight Canon 35mm f/2 lens.



Be ready to take a LOT of pictures

Chances are, you’re going to take a ton of pictures before you get the one you’re looking for. And you may not capture what you intended to at all, but something much more magical. Maybe that serious photo ended up being your kid making crazy faces the whole time. When you wanted a photo on their first day of school but all you could catch was the back of their bookbag getting on the bus. The photos may not be what you intended, but how special are they still? Your baby is so on the go that the half of the pictures you took are of the top of their head or half of their face- but that’s a memory you get to keep! In 18 years when you’re looking back at that first year together, you’ll get to remember how much your little one loved to MOVE.


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Pass the camera to your spouse

It’s a well known fact that Mom often gets left out of the pictures. This is especially true when Mom is a professional photographer. Set your camera to a setting that’s easy to use and then pass the camera to your spouse. Let them take some photos of you with your children. It’s ok if they’re not perfect. Life isn’t perfect.


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Know when to put the camera down

Know when it’s time to take photos and when it’s time to put the camera down and live in the moment. When you look back on your life, make sure you aren’t seeing it all through a lens.

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As you have read these tips are pretty simple but sometimes we forget amid our busy lives and when we’re in our busy season of photo sessions. However, it’s important to capture our own family too 🙂

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